Hetalia Rubber Strap Collection 2 & 3

Hetalia Rubber Strap Collection Vol. 2 and 3 have arrived!After many months of waiting, the second and third sets of Hetalia rubber straps finally arrived in my hands in early August. These are my first purchases through AmiAmi and I’m happy to say that they most certainly won’t be the last. I ordered a couple of  boxes with the intention to keep some of the characters for myself while the rest were distributed between friends and members of a LiveJournal community as part of a group order. Since I rarely indulge in merchandises, I thought I would take the opportunity to do a mini review of these rubber strap collection sets. Prepare to be awed by my senseless commentary and fail photography, made possible with my 2 MP digital camera! It’s clear that I’ve immersed myself in too much Tenipuri (Prince of Tennis) lately.