My name is Angela Wu and I’m also known as xraiko [shray-ko] on the internet. I am originally from Taiwan but have resided in New Zealand since 1998. I have recently completed my Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Pharmacology studying neuroscience at the Univesity of Auckland in 2016. I am currently working as a research technician in the same field and in the progress of applying for a postdoctoral research fellow position. In early 2009, I discovered the joys of doing freelance illustration as a side career and have not looked back since.

The Domain, formerly known as (launched April 15, 2010), is my second domain and was purchased from on May 19, 2012. While I loved, which stood for moon bunny, it wasn’t particularly meaningful to the general population and did not convey much information about the nature of this website. This prompted me to switch to, which hopefully will strengthen my web identity. After all, this website was created to serve two purposes: first, as a blog where I may rant about scientific jibber jabber or otaku tendencies; and second, as an online portfolio to showcase my illustration and design work. This domain is currently hosted by the lovely¬†IceGlow Hosting.

My Style

I have been an avid fan of Japanese anime and manga from a young age so they have a fair amount of influence on the way that I draw. I became an enthusiastic fan of Sailor Moon when I was in kindergarten, which probably formed the roots of my present art style. As I grew older, I fell in love with various manga series, most notably the ones created by CLAMP, which all played a part in shaping my style.

With time, I realised that I am more suited for pop art styled work due to my sense of perfectionism. I enjoy creating things composed of regular shapes using bright and bold colours.

I love putting a kawaii spin to things so hopefully I will be able to compile a collection of kawaii work in the times to come.

What I Do

When I am not busy being a mad scientist, I am an artist and designer on websites such as deviantART, Etsy, and more. I work carefully with my clients through the design process to ensure perfection in the final creation. I have worked on projects of various types and scales and I use these opportunities to gather experience in the field of freelancing and to better my skills as an artist. The types of projects include:

  • Mascot designs
  • Logo designs
  • Business designs
  • General digital artworks
  • Illustration work for teaching resources

Take a look at my portfolio for examples of my work.

For general or commission enquiries, email me at or use the contact form located here.