Uta no Prince-sama Shining All Star CD Rubber Strap Collection

Uta no Prince-sama Shining ALL STAR rubber strapsI’m already suffering from UtaPri withdrawal after the second season of the anime ended last week. The series is a prime example of a job well done when it comes to otome game anime adaptations. I’ll sorely miss my weekly healing sessions with ST☆RISH. They’re practically my family now! (^O^☆♪ It was nice to have something to look forward towards the end of each week after spending abnormally long hours in the lab. At least the arrival of these new Uta no Prince-sama Shining All Star CD rubber straps provided me some comfort. Once again, most of these straps went to new homes as part of a group order but I snapped some quick photos for a review before sending them off. さぁ! はじめましょう!

Following the military outfits in Debut, the boys are sporting naval uniforms in the Uta no Prince-sama Shining All Star CD rubber strap collection. Even the packaging boxes are decorated with naval motifs. I almost regret not buying an entire box for myself because of how cute they’ve turned out. Both the initial release and second batch preorders have completely sold out on AmiAmi, proving how popular they are. Perhaps instigating frivolous purchases of UtaPri merchandise is true power of the terrifying Happy Pulse. ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Truly an ALL STAR collection

The designs for these straps were based on the jacket illustration of the Shining ALL STAR CD released last year. One thing I really like about this set is that every character has a different pose. It certainly makes them more interesting to look at when you display them together.

Shining ALL STAR CD jacket

Uta no Prince-sama Shining ALL STAR CD jacket design
Source: http://www.utapri.com/sp/shiningallstar.php

This set features all seven main characters of ST☆RISH, the four seniors of QUARTET NIGHT and Shining Saotome the hammy president of Shining Agency. Ringo and Ryuuya are bundled as a bonus strap if you preordered a whole box directly from Kotobukiya. Once again, Sakurai of Kotobukiya has successfully transformed everyone into cute miniatures through her(?) illustrations. 「小さくてかわいい!」

Naval motifs can be seen on the individual boxes

In contrast to the previous rubber strap collections, Shining ALL STAR straps used navy blue (most appropriately) as the base colour and it suited all characters. Also, unlike the last two set, these straps don’t come with a decorative metal charm. Even the tiniest details have not gone amiss, as demonstrated by the uniform embellishments and the inclusion of their little star badges. I guess the multiple cuffbands on the senpais’ uniforms indicate they’re ranked higher than the rainbow boys? XD

Team Reiji Otoya Tokiya! ガムシャラしよう!

It’s cool that the seniors of QUARTET NIGHT are facing the boys from ST☆RISH as if challenging them to a DUEL SING-OFF! Also, I think it’s really cute that Masato’s flag has been reduced in size to fit into his tiny hand.

Team Ranmaru Masato Ren! 真・オーキッド・ロータス組登場

Amazingly, you can see all five digits on Natsuki’s right hand! He doesn’t have a winking expression on the CD jacket but I think it looks great nonetheless. (And it turns out that he is also holding a hat like Tokiya!)

Team Ai Natsuki Syo! 三位一体笑顔でしょOK?

Attention to detail is clearly evident since they made sure Cecil has a different shirt collar compared to everyone else. The outrageous Shining Saotome is exceptionally cute in strap form, complete with his bloated belly. It’s nice to see some appreciation for his character because he hardly appears on UtaPri merchandise.

Team Camus Cecil 氷の伯爵と砂漠の王子 and Shining Saotome ハハハのハー!

Well, that’s it for now. I still need to find some time to review the Uta no Prince-sama Official Guide Book – Quartet I bought last year. (´∩`。) Guess it’ll have to wait.

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