Prince of Tennis One Coin Grande

Prince of Tennis One Coins!Ten middle schoolers who play physics-defying tennis were turned into cute two-inch tall figures as part of a One Coin Grande Figure Collection from Kotobukiya. I found out about these Prince of Tennis figures when I came across the designs by Sakurai, the illustrator who designs the cute rubber straps from Kotobukiya. The character lineup and the level of ‘adorable’ was what convinced me to click the preorder button on AmiAmi. I had to wait six months for these figures but the quality is definitely worth it. They will be re-released in July so grab them now or decide for yourself after my mini review.

Like all One Coin Grande Figure Collections, the figures are packed in individual blind boxes. The larger outer box is decorated with chibi and anime counterparts of Ryoma and the captains from the four schools. Tezuka, why the intimidating face? ( ゚ Д゚) 怖い!

Doki doki!

Three background sheets which feature Seigaku, Rikkai and Shitenhouji schools can be cut out from the back of the outer box. (ああん~? No Hyotei?) These were specifically designed for the One Coin figure display boxes from Kotobukiya. Luckily, they also fit the cheaper alternatives I bought from DAISO during my recent trip back to Taiwan.

3 kinds of background

After opening the box, the guys from Shitenhouji gave their personal approval of my ‘non-wasteful’ way of buying the figures because I purchased the full box (んんー ecstacy!). I was surprised that Zaizen is the secret figure because I didn’t think he had the popularity to make it into the lineup. He only had a minor role in the manga so I guess he must be more likeable in the anime or musical.

Shitenhouji approves of my purchase!

Here’s a closer look at the individual figure boxes. I like how the boys are organised into school groups and have name tags complete with their school emblems.

Colourful box design

びっくりした!The inner flaps of the boxes are printed with warning messages with a slight ‘lol’ aspect. We clearly needed to be reminded by a scary Tezuka that figures, like tennis rackets and balls, are not to be used for hurting people. The other two captains also have messages on the bottom flaps. I only discovered them because I was flattening the boxes for recycling. Atobe:「なるほどBOTTOMじやねーの」Yukimura:「浮かれ過ぎだよ… ぼうや」

Warnings from the two captains

It took me a good ten minutes to unbox the little princes and free them from their plastic casings. These One Coin figures are actually very well packaged considering that most box figures like Nendoroid Petites are only wrapped in a single plastic bag.


First up is the Seishun Gakuen trio! It’s hard to reject a tennis match with the arrogant Ryoma when he’s looking extremely cute and harmless. The stoic Tezuka buchou appears more friendly and younger than usual, albeit the frown on his face. And lastly, we have Fuji senpai hiding his slightly nasty (意地悪い) personality with that cheerful smile. ( ´∀`)

Seishun Gakuen

The paint job on their jerseys is superb. The silver zipper and the red band on their sleeve cuffs are well defined. In addition, the details of Ryoma’s tennis racket and ball are simply marvellous given their small size. I can see why Ryoma wants to show them off. ( ̄▽ ̄)

Ryoma: Mada mada da ne, Tezuka: Echizen, 30 laps around the court!, Fuji: Ufufu.

The Seigaku boys can proudly sport their school name on their backs because it’s printed very clearly. I’m glad the sculpters put some effort into sculpting clothing folds even though these are chibi figures. It really does give them more life.


Moving on to the Hyotei and Rikkai gangs. Oshitari Yuushi looks as calm and collected as ever and Atobe is doing his kingly finger snapping. I love how Yukimura appears so sweet and innocent when he is, in fact, a demon on the tennis court. However, I think Niou has the best expression of the lot because it suits his cheeky character perfectly. These One Coin figures are not without flaws though. I had trouble making Yuushi and Niou stand up properly. Even with the help of their magnetic heads, they still slide into a slumped pose easily because their feet are not fully flat on the ground.

Hyotei & Rikkai

Yuushi and Tezuka’s glasses are very cute. I’m glad they didn’t go as far as making the frames for them because of the potential for disaster. (See the Tiger & Bunny Chara Fortunes for Barnaby’s stupidly thick-framed glasses).

Megane’s… Oh no, we’re one member short!

Yet another surprise for me! While I was aware that Niou’s racket is removable, I didn’t think Yukimura’s jacket could be taken off as well. However, its use is limited because it doesn’t fit well on other characters.

Let’s play ‘Take the jacket off Yukimura’!

Last but not least are the Kansai-ben speaking guys from Shitenhouji. Secret figure Zaizen looks pretty cool with his multiple ear piercings while Shiraishi buchou is in the middle of unwrapping his trademark bandage. 毒手やで! Σ(゚Д゚|||) Kenya, the Speed Star of Naniwa, stands surprisingly well in comparison to Yuushi and Niou even though he’s in a (most appropriate) running pose.


Similar to Seigaku, the Shitenhouji boys are wearing uniforms branded with their school name on the back. The details are, once again, immaculate.

Don-don-do-do-don Shitenhouji!

I’m impressed by the way the sculpters handled the back of each character’s heads. Even though most of them have difficult hairstyles, they don’t look unnatural when you view them from different angles.

Funky hairstyles

Like all One Coin figures, the ball joint heads are detachable and you can swap them between characters easily without having to worry about breakage. (Haha, I feel rather bad for using my favourite character as the example.)

Exchangeable ball joint heads

Head-swapping is actually a lot of fun because of the different poses and outfits. The heads can also be exchanged with One Coin figures from other series such as the Hetalia ones.

Head-swappin’ fun!

I’d definitely like to buy more One Coin figures in the future, which is dreadful news for my wallet. I’ve been good at resisting the urge to make online purchases thus far so it should be alright. However, I’ll be keeping a look out for the new set of the New Prince of Tennis One Coin Grande that will be released sometime this year. To conclude, please enjoy some close-up photos of the figures.

越前リョーマ Echizen Ryoma手塚国光 Tezuka Kunimitsu不二周助 Fuji Shuusuke跡部景吾 Atobe Keigo忍足侑士 Oshitari Yuushi幸村精市 Yukimura Seiichi仁王雅治 Niou Masaharu白石蔵ノ介 Shiraishi Kuranosuke忍足謙也 Oshitari Kenya財前光 Zaizen Hikaru


  1. Cassie

    Heeey, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE these figurines since i’ve been a pot fan for almost 5 years now!! :D and i was hoping if you could help me a bit. I am a COMPLETE nendoroid/figurine/online shopping NOOB so if i want to preorder this from amiami this week or so- how do i do it? currently on the website it says it’s sold out and it’s released in july… do i wait till there’s a perorder sign or do i email them or something? (>w<)

    1. Angela

      It’s unlikely that preorders will be reopened once they have closed. I’ve checked Hobby Search and they seem to have closed reservations for the figures as well. However, they’re still available at Hobby Link Japan ( and CD Japan ( so perhaps you could give those two places a go? If you miss out on these figures, there is going to be a new set coming out late this year featuring different characters in their JAPAN uniforms. Check the Kotobukiya blog for previews of the figure designs:

      Hope this helps!

  2. Simran

    WOW! They’re so cute :D
    Great review, Ryoma, Fuji, and Tezuka look amazing!

    I’m thinking of ordering them on HLJ, but I was wondering because it says you may not get all 10 depending on how the manufacturer packed them…I really don’t want any doubles :(
    If I do get it from HLJ, will I get all 10 from the collection? Is that how Kotobukiya packed them?


    1. Angela

      You’re guaranteed to get all the characters if you buy the full set of 10 figures. That’s how Kotobukiya packs them. The HJL website isn’t loading for me at the moment but I’m assuming that they sell them by sets instead of single character loose boxes? If you’re unsure, maybe you can try emailing them. :) Hope this helps.

      1. Simran

        Ahh thank you very much!
        I think I will order them since they are so cute!! :D

        Just wondering, where can you get the display boxes for these figures? And how many fit in it?

        Thank you very much for your reply! Great help :)

        1. Angela

          Are you talking about the official One Coin display boxes or the cheap ones that I bought myself?

          The official ones can fit 1 or 2 figures depending on the type and they’re 157 and 472 yen, respectively. They’re only available from the Kotobukiya store ( so you’ll have to spend more money using proxy services.

          As for the cheaper boxes, I bought mine from DAISO ( They have stores internationally but it’s not guaranteed that they stock these display boxes since I couldn’t find them in the one and only New Zealand store.

          Your local hobby stores will have some available but they’ll probably be a bit pricey. Otherwise, I’m sure you can just find any plastic or glass display boxes to put them in. :)

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