Overload 2011 recount & sale

Commencement of Overload 2011I thought I would be able to relax after sitting my one and only exam this year, but boy was I wrong! In addition to preparing for Overload 2011, I had to work my way through a lovely pile of illustration work which accumulated itself during my study break. Thanks to various distractions and my oh-so-skillful procrastination, I only managed to churn out a couple of chibi pictures. I pretty much did everything in a last minute fashion this year. Heck, I even arrived at the venue with only five minutes to put my stall together! Luckily, I didn’t suffer any printer trouble on the night before the event and I’d definitely like to thank my mum who helped me with lamination. I’m glad I got through the day successfully, albeit the lack of sleep.

Inaba Yuri in Hatsune Miku cosplay performing 'Romeo and Cinderella'I didn’t make much sales this year. I guess the Tiger & Bunny fandom has yet to take over New Zealand because the majority of visitors couldn’t recognise the series. Our stall was probably the only one on the day which exhibited T&B items. It was amusing how Mona and I ended up encouraging people to watch the show. However, it was even more amusing when a guy summed up the show for his friend with a single term – homolust. In spite of the lack of T&B love, my charms and stickers were well received by a few enthusiastic fans which included Inaba Yuri, the Grand Champion of the 2009 World Cosplay Summit. Her visit to our stall was definitely one of the highlights of the day but I was pretty embarrassed when I blurted out disjointed Japanese in an attempt to start a conversation. My kaiwa skills have clearly deteriorated over the past couple of years.

Myself as Ema Skye with Homura, Madoka and MamiOn the other hand, Madoka mania was full on! Fan art was easily found and the cosplayers were very cute. I managed to snag a photo with Homura, Madoka and Mami near the end of the day but couldn’t find Sayaka and Kyouko at the time. I think I was less shy this year because it was my second time exhibiting but also because I was cosplaying. I found that more people approached me for a spontaneous chat and being on the other side of the camera was a new experience for me. Some people also made a few suggestions on how I could improve as an exhibitor. One of these was to bring a sketchbook because visitors are usually curious to see what you’re doing if you decide to draw on the day. Another tip was to bring a folder with art that people can browse through if they are interested. I hope to employ these tips for next year’s convention if time permits. Aside from a few chaotic moments, Overload 2011 was most certainly an enjoyable event.

Overload 2011 leftover sale

General information, Shipping & Payment

I only have a 2 megapixel camera in my possession so apologies for the crap photos. You may have a clearer view of the art at my portfolio.

I will be shipping from New Zealand by International Air mail. The straps and/or stickers will be sent in regular paper envelopes but wrapped with plastic tape for protection.

International shipping will be a flat rate of $2.50 USD as long as the weight doesn’t exceed 200 grams.

Payment via PayPal only (unless you live in NZ).

Laminated straps/charms

The laminated straps are double-sided and made with 3 layers of 80gsm paper so they’re pretty sturdy. They measure approximately 6 cm x 9 cm or 2.4 inches x 3.5 inches. However, Karina, Pao-Lin and Ivan are slightly smaller. I also have New Zealand from Axis Powers Hetalia on the bottom right corner if anyone’s interested.

Prices (in USD):
$2.50 each
Entire Tiger & Bunny set for $18.50

Tiger & Bunny (+New Zealand) laminated straps


The stickers are printed on glossy sticker sheets but the designs themselves don’t appear particularly glossy because of the laser printing. The sheets are not precut and come in two sizes: A5 and A6. Once again, I also have Axis Powers Hetalia stickers available if anyone’s interested. NOTE: I’ll probably have to cut the A5 ones into parts in order to send them in envelopes.

Prices (in USD):
$2.50 for each A6 sticker sheet
$4.50 for each A5 sticker sheet

APH and Tiger & Bunny stickers

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.


  1. tanoshimini

    So nice of your mum to help you laminate them

    Surprised no one knew about Tiger&Bunny. I guess not many con people that catch up with the latest anime? Always find most westerners (not to be rude) tend to be on whats being advertised by english companies that license anime. Or maybe I’m just an otaku LOL. Anyways, l Love the Tiger&Bunny Straps and glad I bought them XD Still need to do a little review on them;)

    1. Angela

      I’m glad she took pity on me. Otherwise, I would have had to pull an all nighter.

      I agree. It’s probably less likely for people to be in tune with the latest anime if they only watch dubs, which are usually mainstream series. I think it may have also been due to the small size of the convention and the fact that it catered mainly for fan artists.

      Awww, I’m really happy that you like my straps. I look forward to the review! :D

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