Overload ’11 plans & Randoms

What to do for Overload 2011?Overload 2011 is only two and a half months away and I haven’t started drawing yet. Is it time to panic? Perhaps. Amongst other things, my research project and university assignments are consuming most of my energy, which is evident in the fact that I can fall asleep almost immediately after settling in bed.  I really need to stop dozing off while listening to my iPod or in the middle of sending a text to someone, both of which has been happening a lot lately. I’ll probably only have time to draw after my one and only exam this semester, which is in late-ish June. For now, I think it’s best to formulate a plan for Overload, especially when I plan to do a proper cosplay as well.

NonbiriIt’s always good to think things over before you dive into work. Although I jot things down after having light bulb moments, I should make my notes clearer because sometimes I fail to understand my own scribbles when I refer back to them. It has been very difficult to decide on the series I should draw fan arts for since most of the things I like personally are not very well known in New Zealand. In addition, my art style isn’t suitable for action-packed mainstream shounen series. I had originally planned to throw in some original star sign characters but I doubt that is going happen because of the potential workload and the small likelihood that people would be interested in them. Maybe I’m just lacking confidence.

Series to do:

  • Hetalia (I’m glad I got myself into this fandom because there are plenty of fans out there.)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (I’m going to draw it despite not knowing how well-received it is in NZ.)
  • Kimi ni Todoke (This probably isn’t very popular in NZ as well but it’s full of doki-doki and fuwa-fuwa!)
  • Panty & Stocking (… Without Garterbelt? I don’t think I want to draw him.)
  • Pokemon (?) (Tentative inclusion depending on the amount of time I will have.)

Type of products:

  • Laminated charms (I think I’ll have to make them slightly larger and thicker this time.)
  • Acrylic keychains (Pretty much the same as last year.)
  • Stickers (Ack, I need to find a place to test print sticker paper ASAP!)
  • Posters (Clever compilations of images drawn for the things listed above?)
  • Bookmarks/wallet cards (?) (Tentative, but will be easy to produce.)

I want to draw characters from a few other miscellaneous series but I have no idea who to cater for. Also, the fact that I’m not very well acquainted with games is a bit frustrating. Does anyone have suggestions?

Back to MapleStory... not

On another note, I reinstalled MapleStory recently and logged on for the first time in two and a half years. Much has changed since I last went on but there was still an air of familiarity. It was depressing to see my guild which was once so lively now looking empty and deserted. The friends I met over the game and the silly times that we shared together were the things that made the gaming experience fun. However, it was inevitable for people to move on with their lives in pursuit of things other than level increments and obtaining godly virtual weapons. I definitely won’t be playing the game as avidly as I did before, but I think killing a few mobs of cute pixel monsters is still a pretty good way for me to blow off some steam when times call for it.

Study study study

As for my studies, things are progressing pretty well. I’ve yet to receive feedback for the two assignments that I’ve handed in so far but I think they will be alright. I look forward to being able to concentrate solely on my research project next semester when I don’t have to take any papers. The lab work can be a bit monotonous at times but it’s very enjoyable! However, I need to remember to give myself breaks because I can easily stay in the lab for an entire day if I’m determined to finish a batch of work. Sitting in the same position for long periods of time is definitely not a good thing. Ow, neck pain.


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