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Help Japan!First of all, I would like to bring your attention to the auctions in progress on the LiveJournal community help_japan. I’m sure everyone is aware of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the Touhoku region of Japan on 11 March 2011. With the help from kind contributors and donors from all around the world, help_japan is facilitating multi-fandom auctions similar to the immensely successful auctions on help_nz that were held a few weeks ago for the Christchurch earthquake. The auctions include fan art, writing, crafts and many more. Please take a moment to have a browse through the offers because there might be something of your interest and 100% of the winning bid will go towards an excellent cause. Self-plug for my art auction: here

New BFFsIt’s already four weeks into the new semester. “My Honours year started off with a BANG!” is what I would’ve liked to say, but it felt like I was returning to university after only a short weekend break because I only had five days to laze around after my summer research studentship report was finished. So yep, I’m back in the lab making friends with adeno-associated viral vectors and astrocytes (a type of brain cell) for gene therapy. みんな仲良しminna nakayoshi – get along everyone! I really hope my research project will work out alright and some good results will be yielded for my dissertation discussion. In addition to the project, I have to take two papers this year and the literature readings for one of them is already inducing information overload. The course manual is probably the thickest I had ever been assigned with and strongly reminds me of my friend’s second year Criminal Law manual. Hurray for bedtime reading material.

疲れたI’ll probably blurt out random bits of Japanese in my blogpost from time to time when the situation calls for it. I want to touch up on my Japanese but I can’t seem to locate my grammar book at all. It’s frustrating because I think I understand the language better now than four years ago when I was actually studying Japanese in high school. Also, I realised during the summer that Japanese dating sims are both entertaining and educational. They’re surprisingly useful for learning the language, especially the ones where the conversation dialogues are spoken out loud by characters like the Prince of Tennis dating sims. However, this type of learning resource is more suitable for intermediate level learners who can comprehend enough to enjoy playing the games (and it’s probably better if you’re a fan of the series too).

Internet shoppingSpeaking of dating sims, I found out that the Hetalia PSP game – cough- dating sim -cough- has been released while browsing on AmiAmi. But woe is me, for I do not possess a PSP. Oh well, I don’t mind being deprived of game consoles because chances are I won’t have time to play the games anyway. I guess I will have to make do by following other people’s gameplay progresses online. Anyway, the reason why I was browsing around on AmiAmi was because the preorder has begun for Volume 2 of the Hetalia Rubber Strap Collection, which I had been waiting for the past six weeks. I was well prepared and have been saving up for the purchase. However, I did not anticipate that a Volume 3 would also be released as well! Bad news for my e-wallet. But thankfully, I’m organising a group order amongst my friends so we can all get the straps that we want. Let the 4-5 months waiting game begin!

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge and thank for accepting me as a hostee!


  1. Broccoli

    LOOOOOL awww, what adorable panels!!

    (I love the one with you in the labcoat and the astrocyte btw!! XD)
    Good luck with your courses!! …o-o;;

    yeah…set 2 and 3 coming out was awesome and devastating at the same time, x’DD …ahh, I want to buy both sets, but….I dont think I have enough money to do so, haha.

    1. Angela

      Thanks! The astrocyte one is my favourite too! But I didn’t know how to draw an AAV.

      If only the Sealand and Chibitalia plus Holy Roman Empire bonus straps were included in the boxes I ordered. Why oh why?

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