My first convention

Doujin Overload 2010I woke up bright and early last Saturday and happily stepped out of the front door with all my supplies and products tucked away in the Nodame piano bag that my mum had made for me. In a few hours time, I found myself seated behind the stall at Doujin Overload with Mona, waiting for the first fish to bite.

I was nervous to the extent that my hands were shaking and I couldn’t handle scissors properly (of course, not in the way that would have made me a security risk :P). It was different from the kind of nervousness that one would experience before stepping onto a stage to sing in front of a large audience. My heart wasn’t pounding, I was simply worried that my art won’t be appealing to the visitors. Thankfully, I made my first sale when a girl bought one of my laminated wallet cards. The feeling of relief must have distracted me because I completely forgot to take a commemorating photo of the moment.

Throughout the day, I had visits from friends who travelled to the city to support me. Even though the otaku fandom atmosphere was new to some of them, I really appreciated their presence because it was very comforting to see familiar faces amongst all the strangers. Thank you!!

I’m glad I had the chance to share my art with people on the day and making a small profit at the same time. I was still too shy to converse with other artists at their stalls so I hope to overcome this if I have the time to exhibit again next year!

Lastly, I’m selling leftover creations at basically production cost plus shipping. Paypal or deviantART points accepted (the latter is cheaper due to Paypal fees, unless you’re willing to send via personal payment).
There are various designs including Hetalia, K-ON, Vocaloids and Kimi ni Todoke.

The same no matter what the quantity is. Incentive to buy more? ^_^

International: $2.00 USD via paypal or 136 points via deviantART
NZ: $0.60 USD via paypal or 35 points via deviantART

DO2010: leftover charmsLaminated charms or keychains (double sided)

Dimensions = diameter of actual image is 50mm.

I apologise for the quality of the image, my camera is only 2MP. I can assure you that the actual artworks are vibrantly coloured, much like the artworks in my deviantART gallery.

$0.80 USD via paypal or 60 points via deviantART each.

Kimi ni Todoke
3 x Sawako and Kazehaya, one on each side.

3 2 x Kagamine Rin and Len, one on each side.
6 x Hatsune Miku and Hachune, one on each side.
1 x Black Rock Shooter and Deadmaster one on each side.

Hetalia – character on one side and the globe on the other
2 x North Italy (1 reserved)
3 2 1 x Japan
2 1 x America
1 x England
3 2 x France
3 x Russia
1 x China
3 2 1 x Spain
2 1 x South Italy
3 2 1 x Prussia

K-ON – character on one side and their respective instrument is the focus on the other
8 x Yui (1 reserved)
8 x Mio
3 x Azusa (1 reserved)
3 2 x Tsumugi
3 x Ritsu

DO2010: leftover cardsLaminated wallet cards or bookmarks

Dimensions = 54mm x 85mm (same as regular credit cards) with rounded corners.

And again, the quality of the image is due to my poor 2MP camera. I can assure you that the actual artworks are vibrantly coloured like the artworks in my deviantART gallery.

$0.60 USD via paypal or 45 points via deviantART each

Kimi ni Todoke
1 x Sawako and Kazehaya together

1 x Kagamine Rin and Len together
3 x Hachune
6 x Hatsune Miku
2 x Deadmaster

1 x France
1 x China
2 1 x Spain

5 x Yui (1 reserved)
3 x Mio
6 5 x Azusa (1 reserved)
4 x Tsumugi
5 x Ritsu

Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.


  1. Catherine Shafarzek

    Oh, wow! These are absolutely adorable! Might I be able to buy the two remaining Prussia keychains and the the remaining Japan keychain? Hopefully those quantities haven’t changed at all… I live in the United States, by the way.

  2. Sophie

    Yay! I’m mentioned! Kind of hehe. Good to see you’re still selling :D I didn’t even realise that those characters were Sawako and Kazehaya haha – overwhelmed by all the anime maybe lol. I thought it was fun! I’ll come next year and maybe stay a bit longer next time :D can I help you next time ^_^

    1. Xraiko

      Hahaha! That would be AWESOME!! Lol, I’ll have to make my stall more presentable next year. I’m too afraid to actually call out to random people and urge them to come and have a look.

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