Doujin Overload 2010

Eep! Long time, no update. I was completely occupied by exams during the month of June. Basically, those who finish all their exams early in the study break will be able to go on holiday first. Unfortunately for me, my exams were scheduled for the very end of the exam period so I couldn’t relax even though I had two weeks of nothing.

Half of my intersemester break has gone by already. I spent the past week drawing things for Doujin Overload – an annual anime/manga/comics art exhibition held in Auckland which will be on the 24th of July this year.

It’ll be my first time there as an exhibitor and I’ll be sharing a stall with my good friend Mona. If production goes well, I’ll be be selling keychains, cards, and poster prints on the day. Initially, I had planned to make things with original characters that I created to represent the twelve star signs but I had to drop it due to time restraint. So instead, I shifted my focus to making chibis like the Celty one shown in this post. Celty is the heroine in Durarara!!, which I finished watching earlier last week. I don’t think I’ll spoil anyone if I just say that she is a modernised version of the headless horseman. :) Go watch it!

I’ll also be cosplaying as Nodame from Nodame Cantabile on the day of the exhibition. It won’t be a true cosplay since I’ll be wearing my own clothes but we have very similar wardrobes so I think it’ll be okay. :)


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